Online Baccarat

Welcome to the baccarat guide.

It can be argued that baccarat is in some ways similar to blackjack, in that both you and the banker are playing against each other and are initially dealt two cards.

However, unlike blackjack, you can bet on your hand or your banker’s hand. You need to make this bet ‘blind’,  as you place your bet before either your cards or the bankers’ cards are revealed.

After placing your bet, you look at your cards and calculate your score for your 2 cards. Aces are worth 1, Numbers 2-9 are worth face value and Jacks, Queens, Kings have no value.

The score of each hand is the rightmost digit of the total of the two cards.

If you have never played online baccarat before, why not familiarize yourself with a free play game. Once you are up to speed, it is easy to switch over to a real money game at any of the recommended online casinos for baccarat listed on this website.

Baccarat Sites

Baccarat is a card game that first came to prominence in 19th century France. The actual name of the game is derived from the Italian word ‘baccara’ or ‘zero’, which is the value placed on face cards in the game.

Similarly to blackjack, baccarat is a game where two sets of cards are dealt to both the player and the banker, with the option to have more cards dealt at a later stage.

First of all, players can bet  on either their own side or the banker’s side.

Next, two cards are dealt face up to both the player and banker.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the most popular form of online baccarat available to players.  Most major baccarat websites offer some form of Punto Banco. It’s popularity lies in the fact that it is a game of chance that requires no real skill or decision making from the player.

Historically, the baccarat table is not the first place that players would normally head to after entering a casino.

The game was long thought of as an elitist gaming option, made famous by high-stake, members-only games in Vegas.

Now though, baccarat, particularly in online casinos, is enjoying a surge of popularity with players all over the world.  On this page, we briefly outline how to play baccarat, give you some rules and show you to some of the best places to play baccarat online.

How to calculate the score in baccarat

Each card is represented by a numerical value, but these are different to blackjack. The aim is to get an overall score which is closer to 9 than the banker.

2-9 are worth face value; jacks, queens and kings are not worth anything, and aces are worth 1.

Finding your overall score is easy, as long as you can do some simple arithmetic. The score is the rightmost digit of the sum of your cards.