Bonus Casino Guide

Welcome to the mobile casino guide! Mobile casinos come in two forms: Mobile responsive websites and downloadable apps. In this section of our site you will find information on the best mobile bonus Casino sites available to players online. Mobile online casinos have changed substantially in recent years. This is due to the advances in the software that powers and drives the casino. Those changes have allowed the functionality to be one of the biggest advances, with this being most evident with smartphones. Today, those playing on a browser on their mobile phones will find that software auto-detect the type of device accessing it and adjusting the way all games are presented accordingly. This includes game controls and how one navigates throughout the casino. The first mobile casinos that were released were only accessible via Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, that left the market somewhat limited. However, with the advances made in HTML5 technology, developers have been able to expand their range to become compatible with almost all devices, and that completely changed the landscape for mobile gaming accessibility. Thanks to advances in technology, people around the world are spending more and more time using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to play online casinos. Here, we give an overview of mobile casinos, including some of the best games to play on your phone, iPad, and Android devices. Many online casinos will even do the work for you and recognise that you are accessing their portal on a mobile device, so you will either be switched over automatically. The second option you have is to use an app. Downloadable via the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android), most of the big-name online casino brands offer a specially designed app for players on the go.

What are some of the disadvantages of mobile casinos?

It is worth noting that casino apps don’t offer the same variety of games compared to a web version. Another thing that mobile casino players have to consider when playing on the go is connectivity. Losing an internet connection half-way through a round of poker or blackjack can be incredibly frustrating. Normally, if you lose the connection, you will be ‘timed out’ of that particular round, your wager lost, and then put in idle mode until you reconnect. Finally, despite mobile responsive sites and optimized gameplay, many players still prefer to use desktops. The screen size is a big factor. Plus, desktop casinos generally operate faster due to the hard drive’s faster computing speed, allowing you to play multiple games at once. Also, players can also browse other websites, play music or even watch a YouTube video all while playing a live hand. This is simply not possible on a mobile device.

Types of Mobile Casino Software

All of the most trusted companies that supply the gaming software for desktop casinos are also involved in the mobile scene. Some of these names include the hugely popular Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Novomatic, and Playtech. These software providerswork well on all the common internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. We hope the information above helps you in choosing a suitable mobile casino site, whether that be an iPad casino or iPhone Casino for Apple IOS devices, or an Android casino for Google mobiles and tablets.

Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casinos can be accessed in various ways online. Some of the top mobile casinos have created apps that can be downloaded directly to your mobile device, whereas others allow access within your mobile browser. One nice aspect in the evolution of mobile gaming is that it is no longer simply limited to traditional casino games. Today, many of the leading casinos include a wide range of gaming preferences such as sports betting, bingo, live dealer games and others. Now we come to casino apps, the fastest growing method of playing real money games online. The reason for this is simple: Apps are extremely easy to use and often provide faster gameplay than using a mobile browser. And in the world of online casinos, speed is very important.